Brexit Information and Process

As we are all aware Brexit is now imminent and it looks more and more likely we will exit the EC
without a trade deal.
In this instance anyone who sends or receives consignments from outside the UK will need to be
EORI registered.
It is a simple process to register and takes approximately 48 hours to attain your EORI number
If you are unsure if your company is registered you can use this link
UCS regularly import and export for our clients and manage their import and export customs
clearance requirements. Currently customs clearance is only required for non-document
consignments outside the EC. This will change on the 1st of January and all non-document
consignments moving to or from UK will require customs clearance. To complete customs clearance
for your consignments UCS will require your EORI number and a customs invoice for the
To produce your customs invoice, you follow
the booking process until the 3rd and final page and click on the “Yes” and then “Edit Customs
Invoice” this will open a window for you to complete details to generate the invoice
To generate your invoice, you will be required to provide and enter
1. Currency
2. Description
3. Commodity code (if value over £600.00)
4. Country of origin
5. Quantity of items
6. Unit value
(The commodity code if unknown can be sourced here https://www.tradetariff.
Complete the process invoice build process and click which will open a
pop-up window revealing your invoice. Print 2 copies and sign then add with your shipping label to
the consignment prior to collection and your consignment will now be able to export or import the
UK correctly.
We do anticipate some delays while the changes are implemented but there has been much advance
planning so we hope this will be minimal. The express delivery products are expected to manage this
with less impact than the economy and road-based products.
If you have urgent consignments, we recommend you plan in advance and send in good time for at
least the first month. Once we operate through January the transit times and knock on effect post
Brexit should lessen.
During these uncertain times you can trust UCS experience to import and export correctly on your
behalf. If you have queries or need assistance please don’t hesitate to contact so we can assist you.

Best Regards
Richard Mansell
General Manager
The guidance on goods under movement at the end of transition period has now been published on and can be found here