Rate Increase 2021

Dear Customer,

This year has proved to be a very difficult one indeed, with the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and a trade deal and to then add the Covid Pandemic into the fray, it has been very challenging.

We are happy to say we managed to retain services throughout and did not have one member of staff affected. At times it has been very difficult and we have had to adjust in many areas but we have almost seen it through for 2020.

One positive has been the emergence of the UCSFresh brand which began supplying food and sundries to people during lockdown. UCSFresh has expanded into gardening and flowers and for December we have been providing wonderful Xmas trees and similar products. If you haven’t already been on the site, please do take a look https://ucsfresh.com/

One large negative for our industry is the increased cost for operating during these Covid times. Wholesale changes to handling and restricted flights have seen costs escalate significantly.

As ever UCS always aim to absorb a significant proportion of this cost impact but must pass on a limited amount.

We have now received all annual rate increases and as you know we always aim to reduce the impact on our customers. In 2021, we will be issuing increases for our International Express and European Road services by 4.9% and the UK overnight services will increase by 3.9%.

These increases are due to take effect on the 1st January and new tariffs will be issued on this date.

On another note, quite often it becomes clear that our vast array of services is not known to all. Please share the below listed services with any of your colleagues that could benefit.

UCS currently regularly provide

 UK Dedicated, Overnight and Premium Parcel Services

 European Dedicated, Overnight, Premium and Economy Parcel services

 International Dedicated, Overnight, Premium and Economy Parcel services

 Import and Export Road Freight, Air Freight and Sea Freight

 Storage in UK and multiple European and Worldwide locations

 Ecommerce storage, pick and pack operations

 IT capability to link to your in house operating systems providing booking tools and updating status and proof of delivery.

If you have any interest in any of these services, please don’t hesitate to let us know

Best Regards

Richard Mansell

General Manager