International Delivery Services

UCS is able to find a delivery solution for any destination and any type of consignment

Not only do we offer a comprehensive service for standard deliveries, but we also specialize and excel in deliveries that are out of the ordinary. Our portfolio of logistics services is extensive, so tell us what you have and under what terms and conditions you would like it delivered, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Overseas delivery service offerings at UCS

If you want to ensure that your package arrives at its destination at a specific time and on a specific day then you will need to make use of a reliable overseas delivery service. Choosing a courier company that has a good reputation on the market and experience in handling the type of parcel you want to send overseas is vitally important.

At UCS we offer international parcel delivery with a difference. We focus on the specific needs of each of our clients, ensuring that their packages or consignments are handled precisely as they require. Simply let us know what your transport requirements are and we will ensure that you are provided with options to consider and cost-effective, competitive rates to consider.

What affects the cost of your international parcel delivery?

When estimating the cost of your international parcel delivery you can expect (e) remove the following factors to be taken into consideration:

  • The size and dimensions of the parcel.
  • The weight of the parcel.
  • Any special handling requirements such as fragile or time sensitive issues etc.
  • The commodity and any document or customs clearance requirements.
  • The distance that the parcel needs to travel and how much time the company realistically has to do it in.

Why choose UCS for your international delivery services

UCS provides professional international delivery services for parcels and packages of all shapes, weights and sizes. If you want it shipped safely and efficiently, then we are the right choice. We offer our clients the services of skilled and experienced handling agents who will ensure that your parcel arrives at its destination on time and unscathed.

Consignments can have insurance attached which will safeguard you against potential loss or damage to the parcel. Our advanced online track and trace system also enables you to keep track of your parcel and how its delivery is progressing. This ensures that you are always updated and informed and can ensure that the recipient is kept up to date too.

With international shipping there is often documentation involved and rules and regulations that need to be adhered to. You can rest assured that when UCS is providing you with international delivery services that you will be advised of any requirements and also assisted with completing all paperwork involved. An all-inclusive service is provided by the UCS team.

You can acquire a quote or open an account to start shipping goods overseas with the help of UCS today.