Air Freight Services

How do you find sending heavy weight shipments via air freight?

You can benefit from the latest close out times for shipping and earliest retrieval times at the airport of destination thereby reducing transit times to an absolute minimum.

We are not restricted to any one network and are able to look at many alternatives thereby increasing our chance of achieving the deadlines important to you. This allows you to continue to benefit from reduced rates for our air freight services even when you are under pressure to meet specific deadlines.

We are even able to instruct specific delivery times or ensure contact is made prior to delivery to make local arrangements to suit your customers’ ever changing requirements.

Would you like to benefit from consolidated Air Freight? Our consolidated flights travel twice weekly and allow you to benefit from sharing load space with other exporters.

More benefits of using air freight services

There are a variety of benefits of making use of air freight services to transport important documents and consignments locally as well as internationally. You can expect the following:

  • Air freight forwarders will have greater control over shipments as a result of reduced transit times offered by air freight services.
  • Shorter transit times ensure less exposure to risks such as damage, theft and loss
  • Freight forwarders will be able to offer you reduced rates as they incur less labour and packaging costs. The fact that load space is shared with other clients also means transport costs are shared and therefore reduced.
  • Air freight services typically come with lower insurance premiums than other modes of transport as there is less opportunity for loss, theft or damage to occur.

If fast delivery is essential to you, such as in the case of perishable goods, air freight is the best possible option. Professional air freight service providers such as UCS will also have experience in handling all types of cargo such as perishables, fragile or sensitive consignments.

Why choose UCS for your air shipping services?

Air shipping services presented to the market by UCS are designed to provide you with the peace of mind that your shipment will reach its destination on time and in good order. Those who are faced with large volumes of goods to transport, long distances and a complex freight delivery service and process, can really benefit from our air shipping services.

The UCS brand is synonymous with providing solutions in terms of logistics and storage for companies on a global scale. Open an account or request a quote and prepare to benefit from the various advantages of choosing air freight services for the transportation of your goods.