Sea Freight Service

Our extensive sea freight network allows us to deliver anywhere in the world

We cater for small part or full container loads and are able to arrange shipping to port only or to any delivery address of your choice.

We are not restricted to any one network or shipping line and are able to look at many alternatives thereby increasing our chance of achieving the deadlines important to you.
This allows you to continue to benefit from reduced rates for our sea freight services even when you are under pressure to meet specific deadlines. UCS can cater for all of your shipment terms and customs clearance requirements. Give us your instructions now and benefit from the peace of mind of knowing your instructions will be followed to the letter and you will receive constant updates on your consignment status.

Advantages of sea freight and professional ocean cargo services

It goes without saying that sea freight does not offer the same fast delivery as air freight might, but there are a wealth of advantages to opting for ocean cargo services. One of the major advantages of is that it offers less taxation as freight costs are taxable, which means that you can ultimately save on costs. The fact sea freight offers less competition in terms of traffic also means that you can expect no delays or hassles along the way.

Shipping is the ideal mode of transit for commercial items as well as personal effects. The nature of what you are shipping can sometimes affect the requirements, restrictions, taxes and tariffs. As a result, we advise that you discuss your consignment with one of our team members to ensure that you are making use of the right mode of transport and to gather advice on your shipments’ delivery. Goods can be delivered to a port of your choice, or unloaded and transported to a specific address – the choice is yours.

Seaport custom offices are less stringent than that of airports and you expect for there to be less administration hold ups when your consignment arrives at its port of destination. The fact that sea freight vessels use less fuel to travel long distances also means that when moving large consignments, you can feel good about doing your bit for the environment.

Of course handling insurance and customs documentation for your consignment can get confusing. When you take on our ocean cargo services at UCS, we will ensure that all of the involved shipping, customs and insurance paperwork is professionally arranged and handled for you.

Why UCS is the right sea freight forwarder to use

  • UCS has many years of experience as a sea freight forwarder in the industry. Our professional team can provide expert advice and guidance on all of your sea freight needs.
  • All documentation will be investigated, provided and completed on your behalf.
  • We will ensure that you are kept up to date on the progress of your consignment delivery at all times.
  • We have an extensive network that allows us to offer you competitive and affordable rates for all of your shipping needs.

You can easily obtain a quote from our team or open an account to start benefiting from our shipping services today.