Warehousing Services

We offer professional “behind the scenes” services and support packages. Our customised reporting procedures and schedules will give you better control over your business and goods.

UCS’s structured reporting solutions are reliable and business specific. Have a look at our different storage management services and choose a suitable solution for your business.

Logistics storage services offered by UCS

Part of running a business that deals in stock is storing the items and ensuring that when bulk orders are placed, they are sent out on time, packaged correctly and recorded. Much the same is the case for items received. Professional logistics storage services and our dedicated software at UCS will make sure that your receiving and dispatch nightmares are resolved and that you can run this portion of your business with confidence and peace of mind.

Our managed logistics storage services are made possible with our dedicated stock control software that is customised according to the operational and storage needs of your specific business. This means that each and every business has a different customised package offered – we don’t believe that one size fits all, we believe in creating a stock storage control solution that is tailored to suit the individual needs of your business. As a client you will be provided with safe and secure access to the online system. This ensures that you are always up to date and in control of your stock levels.

Our software also ensures that you experience little to no handling errors by keeping a detailed record of all of your stock as it comes in and goes out. Warehousing services of this kind ensure that when you need a consignment to be sent out, items are picked, packed and dispatched according to your specifications – no excuses.

Our software has been developed by our very own team, which means that there is very little that we cannot achieve or arrange with it. Storage reporting means that you can be provided with monthly detailed information on precisely which items are still in storage and which have been sent out. Logistics storage services offered by UCS are designed to make the warehousing and dispatch process simple and convenient for each of our clients.  Below we have the options listed, simply click on each one for a brief description:

» Managed Storage
» Pick, Pack and Despatch
» Storage Reporting

We encourage you to request a quote or open an account to start taking advantage of our warehousing services at UCS today.