Successful Completion of Difficul ...

On Wednesday 28th August we were asked to provide a quote for collecting a huge server rack from a data storage site in the USA on the following day the 29th. We needed to get a vehicle on the site the following day with 2 men to meet an engineer to collect the 500kg, 2m tall unit which was unpacked and hugely expensive.

To further add to the difficulty we needed to provide the vehicle reg, driver name and driver ID by close of business on the Wednesday.

A really tricky one and to be honest we had nearly exhausted all options when one of our excellent USA agents found us a solution. They had no spare vehicles so they hired one to fulfill the requirement. All booked and collected and dropped into professional packers without a hitch.  Excellent work and much appreciated!!

Our customer was so happy we arrived at work the following morning to find loads of tasty doughnuts personally hand delivered….very much appreciated:)

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