Change in customs export process ...

What follows applies only on collections from the UAE:
Please note that the new process (HV export entry) will be implemented on 1st of November 2017 (this coming Wednesday) on all export shipments from DXB which will have an impact on your HV collections / RPU’s from DXB – only for shipments valued 1000 AED and over (275 usd or 200 gbp and over).
In summary:
1) Export Bill needs to be prepared. this should not delay the ETD provided all paperwork is in order.
2) Charges for Export Bill will be – AED 260 (approx 55-60 gbp) ( Keep this as tentative as we will get more clarity once the process starts ) – This is not same as freezone documentation
3) We will need an original invoice , Itemised and with HS code & Country of manufacture for each item
4) Shipment can be exported only after bill is approved
5) We need to understand the impact this will have for GCC export , because as per Rule for any GCC export Makasa Bill needs to be prepared meaning Duty needs to be paid in UAE before export and Cnee in the GCC country should be registered with Dubai Customs