Changes to Australian Customs  ...

Effective 1st July Australian Customs and Immigration services merged and created the Australia Border Force. One newly created department within the Border Force is ‘Economic Harm’ and their duties are to examine low value shipments to ensure they are compliant with the rules under the high value threshold of AUD$1000.00. Anything below this value should not be subject to local duties and taxes but could still require charges for a formal entry or AQIS inspection.

At UCS we have faith in all our customers and assume that shipment values declared by yourselves are true and correct. If the declared value is incorrect, Economic Harm will request evidence of what was paid. If the value proves to be higher than what was declared to Customs, potential fines / penalties will apply for mis-declaring the goods.

With this in mind we would just like to stress the importance of accurate value declarations, not just to Australia but to all countries that we service for you.