Christmas Present Consignments

Dear valued UCS customer,

In order that you are able to provide the best possible service for your customers during the Christmas period, we thought that you might appreciate the following information regarding the export of Christmas Gifts. 

This will affect consignments despatched from UK to destinations outside of the UK and the European Union.

For the purpose of Customs clearance, items should NOT be declared as “Xmas presents” or “Xmas gifts” etc. A full and accurate description of contents should appear on the HAWB, and on any customs invoice supplied. As a general principle, items described as ‘Gifts’, ‘Presents’, ‘Samples’ or ‘Promotional Material’ or any other inaccurately declared goods will automatically incur a Customs hold whilst a full description and accurate declaration of value are obtained from the shipper. As you will appreciate, this becomes increasingly relevant in the run-up to Christmas. Please also note; a valid contact phone number is also essential in the event that we need to discuss clearance with the consignee.

In the event that we do receive shipments with an inadequate description, we have instructed our Operations staff, where possible to either open the shipment before shipping to ascertain the exact contents, or to hold the shipment at depot pending the receipt of an accurate customs invoice with a complete and detailed breakdown of the contents. This should prevent potentially costly delays upon the item’s arrival at local Customs. We must stress that the onus is still upon the shipper to ensure that goods are declared accurately and that UCS will not be held responsible for any delays incurred due to inaccurate descriptions. However, having said that we will of course do our utmost to ensure that any delays for your customers are avoided, or at least minimised.

 You should also be aware that Christmas Hampers are likely to generate some additional problems. If the contents of any Hamper are packed in straw, the straw may be removed at some destinations by Customs on arrival and destroyed without question- this is something that we have absolutely no control over.  Please also remember that all foodstuffs to Australia are subject to a Quarantine entry and a possible request for an ingredients listing. If you do not want the consignee to be charged for this, it is important that you mark shipping terms as “DDP” or “Free Domicile”.

For information on any locally restricted items, please contact Customer Services.

 We apologise for having to appear pedantic on this subject but feel that the potential financial and service implications are well worth avoiding if at all possible. If you require further information on specific incidences, or have any questions at all regarding this or any other operational matters please feel free to contact us via the normal channels.

Best regards and many thanks for your continued support.