Customs Regulations in Riyadh (RU ...

  • Foreigner residents in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to import commercial shipments, only personal shipments are acceptable. If a commercial shipment is sent to a foreigner resident in Saudi Arabia, customs will re-export it immediately.

Mobile Phones

  • For personal use (1-2 Mobiles), an invoice needs to be attached with the shipment
  • For commercial use ( more than 2 Mobiles), the original invoice attached should state the manufacturing country and a Conformity Certificate (Certificate of Origin).
  • Watches should always be accompanied by a certificate of origin otherwise they will be seized by customs.

High Value Shipments:

  • Over 100 USD: invoice and a consignee electronic registration Number & CR( consignee Registration Copy ) is required.
  • Over than 13000 USD: needs original attested invoice and COO (country of origins) from shipper and authorization letter from the consignee.

Supplements and Cosmetics for individuals (personal use) are allowed to import as per KSA customs only when aligned with the SFDA rules, which are:

  • Not more than 3 boxes per product with a max of 5 different types of product per shipment. Note that the breakdowns of weight are not decided and totally depending on customs inspector decision on what to consider commercial and what to consider personal.
  • Any food supplement or cosmetic for weight loss /slimming, fattening or sensual enhancement are completely forbidden.

The maximum allowed time for Express shipments to pending clearance in RUH customs is 21 days. RUH customs will not allow abandoning, confiscating or destroying any shipment pending clearance.

Held at customs shipments will only have two options:

  • Clear the shipment by providing the needed paperwork and paying the outstanding duty/ tax amount.
  • Re-export the shipment which requires paying the final duty/tax, imposed penalties for unacceptable items .

Shipments containing fake brands must be re-exported next business day.


The shipper will be responsible for the return charges plus the duty/tax and penalties if found.