Food and Cosmetic Shipments to Ch ...

Please note that all Food items and cosmetics are under close supervision by the Chinese Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, ‘CIQ’, and now 100% inspection will be imposed upon Inbound Shipments by the CIQ in SHA.

  • Shipments containing food items and cosmetics will be detained by CIQ regardless of the value/quantity if the receiver is a company, or if the commodity description on the HAWB/Invoice is ‘Sample’ (Food sample/Cosmetic)
  • Shipments containing food items and cosmetics, but addressed to individuals, are subject to a Form B entry as ‘Personal Effect’ as long as the value is below 1000 CNY (145USD) and in reasonable quantity for personal use

The receiver as a company has to provide the following documents fro CIQ Approval if the shipment is exclusively a sample for product research and development promotion:

  • Commodity description (Name/Type/Origin/Usage/Composition or Ingredient)
  • Traceable sampling log sheet display life cycle of the sample, from acceptance to final disposal
  • Agreement and safety provision with tester
  • Receiver’s commercial registry indicating their business relates to the commodity
  • Receiver’s qualification certificate if the shipment is imported for the purpose of Inspecting or Research Development
  • Contract or letter of attorney is a must in case the receiver is not the end use of the commodity for sampling