German Carnival Season 2017 ̵ ...

German Carnival Season 2017- Local Disruptions

Between Thursday 23rd February and Tuesday 28th February there will be some local disruption affecting deliveries and pick-ups due to Carnival.

This will mainly affect the following areas and their surrounding communities shown below :

52062, 52064, 52070 and 52249 Sunday and Monday

Köln (Cologne) : 50667, 50668, 50670, 50672, 50674, 50676, 50677, 50678, 50679
Bonn : 53111, 53113, 53125, 53119, 53117

402XX to 404XX

Koblenz, Neuwied and Andernach

55116, 55118 (mainly Carnival Monday)

Monday 27th February:

Carnival Monday – Rosenmontag – almost all companies as well as public authorities will be closed and traffic will be heavily restricted.

A pre-alert is required if you want a delivery to take place on Monday 27th February otherwise we will schedule all deliveries to be attempted on Tuesday 28 February.

For pick-ups a large time frame will be necessary due to the restrictions on traffic.