Global Holiday List 17th – ...

Friday 17th November

Czech Republic – Freedom and Democracy Day, Iran, Islamic Republic Of – Death of Prophet Mohammad / Martyrdom of Imam Hasan, Marshall Islands – Presidents’ Day, New Zealand – Provincial Anniversary Day (Canterbury) – Regional, Slovakia – Freedom and Democracy Day

Saturday 18th November

Haiti – Vertières Battle and Armed Forces Day, Latvia – Proclamation of the Republic, Morocco – Independence Day, Western Sahara – Independence Day

Sunday 19th November

Belize – Garifuna Settlement Day (celebration), Chile – Public Holiday (Presidential and Legislative Elections), Iran, Islamic Republic Of – Martyrdom of Imam Reza, Maldives – National Day, Monaco – National Day (Fête de S.A.S. le Prince Souverain) (celebration), Mongolia – National Pride Day (Chinggis Khaan’s Birthday), Puerto Rico – Puerto Rico Discovery Day – Banks/Government

Monday 20th November

Belize – Garifuna Settlement Holiday (day in lieu), Brazil – Black Consciousness Day (Dia da Consciência Negra) – Municipal/Regional/Banks, Latvia – Proclamation of the Republic Holiday, Mexico – Revolution Day, Monaco – National Day Holiday (jour chômé reporté) (day in lieu), Puerto Rico – Discovery Day Holiday – Government

Tuesday 21st November

Bosnia And Herzegovina – General Framework Agreement Day (RS) – Regional

Wednesday 22nd November

Germany – Repentance Day (SN) – Regional, Lebanon – Independence Day, Oman – National Day Holiday Observed (date to be confirmed, could move to Wed. Nov. 29)

Thursday 23rd November

American Samoa – Thanksgiving Day, Georgia – Saint George’s Day (Giorgoba), Guam – Thanksgiving Day, India – Martyrdom Day of Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji (PB) – Regional, Japan – Labor Thanksgiving Day, Micronesia – Thanksgiving Day (Chuuk) – Regional, Northern Mariana Islands – Thanksgiving Day, Oman – National Day Holiday Observed (date to be confirmed, could move to Thu. Nov. 30), Palau – Thanksgiving Day, Puerto Rico – Thanksgiving Day, United States – Thanksgiving Day, Virgin Islands, U.S. – Thanksgiving Day