Global Holiday List 18th June to ...

Thursday 18th June

Afghanistan – Start of Ramadan (Awal Ramadan), Brunei Darussalam – Start of Ramadan, Cambodia – Ex-Queen Norodom Monineath’s Birthday, Malaysia – Awal Ramadan (JHR KDH MLK) – Regional, Maldives – Begining of the Holy Month of Ramadan, Pakistan – Start of Ramadan Bank Holiday – Banks, Seychelles – Constitution Day

Friday 19th June

Finland – Midsummer’s Eve – Banks/Other, Korea, Democratic Peoples Republic – Kim Jong Il’s Entry to the KWP, Sweden – Midsummer’s Eve (Midsommarafton) – Banks/Other, Taiwan – Dragon Boat Festival Holiday, Trinidad And Tobago – Labour Day, Uruguay – José Artigas Birthday / Día del Nunca Más – Banks/Government

Saturday 20th June

Argentina – Anniversary of General D. Manuel Belgrano’s Death, China – Dragon Boat Festival (Duan Wu Jie), Eritrea – Martyrs’ Day, Finland – Midsummer’s Day, Hong Kong – Tuen Ng (Dragon Boat Festival), Macau – Tung Ng (Dragon Boat Festival), Sweden – Midsummer’s Day (Midsommardagen), Taiwan – Dragon Boat Festival

Sunday 21st June

Bolivia – Solsticio de Invierno (Año Nuevo Aymara) (celebration), Canada – National Aboriginal Day (NT) – Regional, Greenland – Ullortuneq (National Day), Puerto Rico – Fathers’ Day (Día de los Padres), Togo – Martyrs’ Day

Monday 22nd June

Bolivia – Solsticio de Invierno Holiday (day in lieu), Canada – Discovery Day (NL) (optional) – Regional/Government, China – Dragon Boat Festival Holiday – Tentative, Croatia – Anti-Fascist Resistance Day, Latvia – Midsummer Holiday (workday moved to Sat.Jun.27), Macau – The first working day after Tung Ng Festival – Government

Tuesday 23rd June

Estonia – Victory Day, Latvia – Ligo (Midsummer’s Eve), Luxembourg – Grand Duke’s Birthday (National Day)

Wednesday 24th June

Andorra – Saint John The Baptist Day – Banks, Canada – Saint Jean Baptiste (QC) – Regional, Estonia – Midsummer’s Day / Saint John’s Day, Latvia – Jani (Saint John’s Day), Lithuania – Jonines (Saint John’s Day), Philippines – Manila Day (Araw ng Maynila) – Regional, Spain – San Juan (CT) – Regional, Venezuela – Battle of Carabobo Day