Global Holiday List 19th August & ...

Wednesday 19th August

Afghanistan – Independence Day (Jeshen), India – Parsi New Year (Shahenshahi) (MH) – Regional

Thursday 20th August

Estonia – Independence Restoration Day, Hungary – Saint Stephen’s Day (National Day), Morocco – Revolution Day (1953), Timor-Leste – Anniversary of the FALINTIL – Government/Tentative, Western Sahara – Revolution Day (1953)

Friday 21st August

Hungary – Public Holiday (workday moved to Aug. 8), Micronesia – Gospel Day (Kosrae) – Regional, Morocco – HM Mohammed VI’s Birthday (Fête de la Jeunesse), Philippines – Aquino Day, Western Sahara – HM Mohammed VI’s Birthday

Monday 24th August

Liberia – National Flag Day, Ukraine – Independence Day

Tuesday 25th August

Korea, Democratic Peoples Republic – Day of Songun, Uruguay – Independence Day (Declaratoria de la Florida)