Global Holiday List 22nd July  ...

Wednesday 22nd July

Gambia – Revolution Day (July 22nd Anniversary), Swaziland – King Father’s Birthday

Thursday 23rd July

Egypt – Revolution Day (National Day), Oman – Renaissance Day, Papua New Guinea – National Remembrance Day

Friday 24th July

Vanuatu – Children’s Day, Venezuela – Simón Bolívar’s Birthday

Saturday 25th July

Costa Rica – Guanacaste Day, Cuba – Revolution Anniversary Holiday, Ecuador – Guayaquil Day – Regional, Puerto Rico – Constitution Day – Banks/Government, Spain – Santiago Apóstol/Día de Galicia (GA NA PV) – Regional, Tunisia – Republic Day

Sunday 26th July

Cuba – Revolution Anniversary (Día de la Rebeldía), Israel – Tisha b’Av Bank Holiday – Banks, Liberia – Independence Day (celebration), Maldives – Independence Day

Monday 27th July

Cuba – Revolution Anniversary Holiday, Korea, Democratic Peoples Republic – Victory Day (1953), Liberia – Independence Day Holiday (day in lieu), Maldives – On the Occasion of Independence Day – Government

Tuesday 28th July

Faroe Islands – Olavsoka Eve (Ólavsøkuaftan) – Afternoon, Peru – Independence Day, San Marino – Anniversary of the Fall of Fascism