Global Holiday List 26th May R ...

Friday 26th May

Belgium – Ascension Friday – Banks, Denmark – Bank Holiday – Banks, Ecuador – Battle of Pichincha Holiday, Georgia – Independence Day, Guyana – Independence Day, Monaco – Bank Holiday – Banks, New Caledonia – Bank Holiday – Banks/Tentative

Saturday 27th May

Afghanistan – Start of Ramadan (Awal Ramadan), Brunei Darussalam – Start of Ramadan (Puasa), Guadeloupe – Abolition Day, Malaysia – Awal Ramadan (JHR KDH MLK PJY) – Regional, Maldives – Begining of the Holy Month of Ramadan, Nigeria – International Children’s Day – Schools, Pakistan – Start of Ramadan Bank Holiday – Banks

Sunday 28th May

Armenia – 1st Republic Day, Azerbaijan – Republic Day (celebration), China – Dragon Boat Festival Holiday, Ethiopia – Dergue Downfall Day (National Day), India – Maharana Pratap Jayanti (HP RJ) – Regional, Nepal – Ganatantra Diwas / Republic Day

Monday 29th May

American Samoa – Memorial Day, Azerbaijan – Republic Day Holiday (day in lieu), China – Dragon Boat Festival Holiday (workday moved to Sat. May 27), Colombia – Ascension Holiday, Gibraltar – Spring Bank Holiday, Guam – Memorial Day, Guernsey – Spring Bank Holiday, India – Martyrdom Day of Sri Guru Arjun Dev Ji (PB) – Regional, Isle Of Man – Late May Bank Holiday, Jersey – Spring Holiday, Nigeria – Democracy Day, Northern Mariana Islands – Memorial Day, Puerto Rico – Memorial Day – Banks/Government, Taiwan – Public Holiday (workday moved to Sat. June 3), Turks And Caicos Islands – National Heroes’ Day, United Kingdom – Spring Bank Holiday, United States – Memorial Day Holiday, Venezuela – Ascension Bank Holiday – Banks, Virgin Islands, U.S. – Memorial Day

Tuesday 30th May

Anguilla – Anguilla Day, China – Dragon Boat Festival (Duan Wu Jie), Hong Kong – Tuen Ng (Dragon Boat Festival), Macau – Tung Ng (Dragon Boat Festival), Malaysia – State Public Holiday (LBN SBH) – Regional, Nicaragua – Mothers’ Day (Día de las Madres) – Government, Spain – Día de Canarias (CN) – Regional, Taiwan – Dragon Boat Festival, Trinidad And Tobago – Arrival Day

Wednesday 31st May

Brunei Darussalam – Royal Brunei Armed Forces Day, Israel – Shavuot (Pentecost), Malaysia – State Public Holiday (LBN SBH) – Regional, Spain – Día de Castilla-la Mancha (CM) – Regional

Thursday 1st June

Cambodia – International and Cambodian Children’s Day, Cape Verde – Youth Day (Dia da Criança), Indonesia – Pancasila Day, Kenya – Madaraka Day (National Day), Lao Peoples Democratic Republic – Children’s Day, Malaysia – State Public Holiday (SRW) – Regional, Moldova – International Children’s Day, Mongolia – Mothers’ and Children’s Day, Palau – President’s Day, Romania – International Children’s Day, Samoa – Independence Day (National Day)