Global Holiday List 27th July  ...

Monday 27th July

Cuba – Revolution Anniversary Holiday, Korea, Democratic Peoples Republic – Victory Day (1953), Liberia – Independence Day Holiday (day in lieu), Maldives – On the Occasion of Independence Day – Government

Tuesday 28th July

Faroe Islands – Olavsoka Eve (Ólavsøkuaftan) – Afternoon, Peru – Independence Day, San Marino – Anniversary of the Fall of Fascism

Wednesday 29th July

Faroe Islands – Saint Olav’s Day (Ólavsøkudagur) (National Day), Peru – Independence Day Holiday, Wallis And Futuna – Territory Day

Thursday 30th July

Bermuda – Emancipation Day (1st Day of Cup Match), Morocco – Throne Day, South Sudan – Martyrs’ Day, Thailand – Asarnha Bucha Day – Banks/Government, Vanuatu – Independence Day, Western Sahara – Throne Day

Friday 31st July

Bermuda – Somers Day (2nd Day of Cup Match), Lao Peoples Democratic Republic – Boun Khao Phansa (Buddhist Lent Begins) – Buddhist, Myanmar – Waso Full Moon (Buddhist Lent Begins), Sri Lanka – Esala Full Moon Poya Day, Thailand – Khao Phansa (Buddhist Lent begins) (except banks) – Government/Private Sector

Saturday 1st August

Andorra – Andorra La Vella Festival – Regional, Barbados – Emancipation Day, Benin – Independence Day (National Day), Congo, Democratic Republic – Parents’ Day, Guyana – Emancipation Day, Jamaica – Emancipation Day, Nicaragua – Treida de Santo Domingo de Guzmán (Managua) – Municipal, Saint Lucia – Emancipation Day, Saint Vincent And The Grenadines – Emancipation Day, Switzerland – National Day, Trinidad And Tobago – Emancipation Day

Sunday 2nd August

Andorra – Andorra La Vella Festival – Regional, Costa Rica – Lady of the Angels’ Day – Banks/Other, Macedonia – Iliden Day (Republic Day) (celebration)