Global Holiday List 5th October & ...

Monday 5th October

Australia – Labour Day (ACT NSW QLD SA) – Regional, China – National Day Holiday, Christmas Island – Territory Day, Falkland Islands – Peat Cutting Day (Spring Holiday), Israel – Simhat Torah, Kiribati – Education Day, Mozambique – Peace and National Reconciliation Day Holiday (day in lieu), Saint Lucia – Thanksgiving Day, Vanuatu – Constitution Day

Tuesday 6th October

China – National Day Holiday – Tentative, Egypt – Armed Forces Day, Syrian Arab Republic – Tishreen Liberation War Day, Turkmenistan – Earthquake Remembrance Day

Wednesday 7th October

China – National Day Holiday – Tentative, Lao Peoples Democratic Republic – BOL Foundation Day – Banks

Thursday 8th October

Croatia – Independence Day, Peru – Battle of Angamos Day

Friday 9th October

Ecuador – Guayaquil Independence Day, Korea, Republic Of – Hangeul Day, Malaysia – State Public Holiday (MLK) – Regional, Spain – Community Day (VC) – Regional, Taiwan – National Day Holiday, Uganda – Independence Day

Saturday 10th October

Austria – Referendum Day (Tag der Volksabstimmung) (K) – Regional/Government/Schools, Cuba – War of Independence Anniversary, Fiji – Fiji Day (celebration), Korea, Democratic Peoples Republic – KWP Foundation Day (1945), Suriname – Maroons Day, Taiwan – National Day (Double Tenth)

Sunday 11th October

American Samoa – White Sunday – Christian, Cambodia – Bonn Phchum Ben (Ancestors’ Day), Macedonia – Uprising Against Facism Day (celebration)