Global Holiday List 7th – 1 ...

Monday 7th November

Belarus – October Revolution Day, Colombia – All Saints’ Day Holiday, Kyrgyzstan – Social Revolution Day, Tajikistan – Constitution Day Holiday (day in lieu), Tonga – Tonga National Day Observed, Venezuela – All Saints’ Day – Banks

Tuesday 8th November

Micronesia – Pohnpei Constitution Day – Regional, Puerto Rico – Public Holiday (Día de Elecciones Generales)

Wednesday 9th November

Azerbaijan – State Flag Day, Cambodia – National Independence Day, Pakistan – Allama Iqbal Day (may be canceled beginning in 2016), Spain – La Almudena (Madrid) (M) – Municipal

Thursday 10th November

Mozambique – Maputo Day – Regional, Panama – Los Santos Uprising Day

Friday 11th November

American Samoa – Veterans Day, Angola – Independence Day, Austria – Saint Martin (B) – Regional/Government/Schools, Belgium – Armistice Day, Bermuda – Remembrance Day, Bhutan – Anniversary of the 4th Druk Gyalpo / Constitution Day / GNH Day, Canada – Remembrance Day (not statutory in MB NS ON QC), France – Armistice Day, French Guiana – Armistice Day, French Polynesia – Armistice Day, Guadeloupe – Armistice Day, Guam – Veterans Day, Malaysia – State Public Holiday (KTN) – Regional, Maldives – Republic Day (celebration), Martinique – Armistice Day, Mayotte – Armistice Day, Micronesia – Veterans of Foreign Wars Day, Nepal – Birth anniversary of Falgunanda Lingden – Tentative, New Caledonia – Armistice Day, New Zealand – Provincial Anniversary Day (Canterbury) – Regional, Northern Mariana Islands – Veterans Day, Poland – Independence Day, Puerto Rico – Veterans Day – Banks/Government, Reunion – Armistice Day, Saint Pierre And Miquelon – Armistice Day, Serbia – Armistice Day, United States – Veterans Day (widespread in gov. and fin. sectors) – Other, Virgin Islands, U.S. – Veterans Day – Government, Wallis And Futuna – Armistice Day

Saturday 12th November

Comoros – Journée Nationale Maoré, Malaysia – State Public Holiday (KTN) – Regional, New Caledonia – Public Sector Holiday – Government, Timor-Leste – National Youth Day

Sunday 13th November

Cambodia – Bonn Om Touk (Water Festival), Maldives – Due to Republic Day falling on a holiday (day in lieu)