Global Holiday Updates 31st Octob ...

31/10/2018 Wednesday
Bhutan – Descending Day of Lord Buddha (Lhabab Duechen), Burkina Faso – Martyrs’ Day, Germany – Reformation Day (BB MV SN ST TH) – Regional, India – Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Jayanti (GJ) – Regional, Slovenia – Reformation Day

01/11/2018 Thursday
Algeria – Revolution Day, Andorra – All Saints’ Day, Antigua And Barbuda – Independence Day, Austria – All Saints’ Day, Belgium – All Saints’ Day, Benin – All Saints’ Day, Bhutan – Druk Gyalpo Coronation Anniversary, Bosnia And Herzegovina – All Saints’ Day (FBiH) – Regional, Burkina Faso – All Saints’ Day, Burundi – All Saints’ Day, Cape Verde – All Saints’ Day, Central African Republic – All Saints’ Day, Chad – All Saints’ Day, Chile – All Saints’ Day, Congo – All Saints’ Day, Croatia – All Saints’ Day (Svi Sveti), Ecuador – Cuenca Independence Holiday (day in lieu), France – All Saints’ Day, French Guiana – All Saints’ Day, French Polynesia – All Saints’ Day, Gabon – All Saints’ Day, Germany – All Saints’ Day (BW BY NW RP SL) – Regional, Guadeloupe – All Saints’ Day, Guatemala – All Saints’ Day, Guinea – All Saints’ Day, Haiti – All Saints’ Day, Holy See (Vatican City State,Null) – All Saints’ Day, Hungary – All Saints’ Day, India – Haryana Day (HR) – Regional, India – Kannada Rajyothsava (KA) – Regional, India – Puducherry Liberation Day (PY) – Regional, Italy – All Saints’ Day, Ivory Coast – All Saints’ Day, Liberia – Thanksgiving Day, Liechtenstein – All Saints’ Day, Lithuania – All Saints’ Day, Luxembourg – All Saints’ Day, Madagascar – All Saints’ Day, Martinique – All Saints’ Day, Mayotte – All Saints’ Day, Monaco – All Saints’ Day, New Caledonia – All Saints’ Day, Peru – All Saints’ Day, Philippines – All Saints’ Day (Araw ng mga Namayapa), Poland – All Saints’ Day, Portugal – All Saints’ Day, Reunion – All Saints’ Day, Saint Pierre And Miquelon – All Saints’ Day, San Marino – All Saints’ Day, Senegal – All Saints’ Day, Seychelles – All Saints Day, Slovakia – All Saints’ Day, Slovenia – All Saints Day, Spain – All Saints’ Day (Todos los Santos), Switzerland – All Saints’ Day (AG AI FR GL JU LU NW OW SG SO SZ TI VS ZG) – Regional, Timor-Leste – All Saints’ Day, Togo – All Saints’ Day, Virgin Islands, U.S. – D. Hamilton Jackson Day (Liberty Day), Wallis And Futuna – All Saints’ Day

02/11/2018 Friday
Angola – All Souls’ Day, Belgium – All Souls’ Day – Government, Bolivia – All Souls’ Day (Día de los Fieles Difuntos), Brazil – All Souls’ Day (Finados), Chile – Día de las Iglesias Evangélicas y Protestantes, Ecuador – All Souls’ Day, El Salvador – All Souls’ Day (Día de los Muertos), French Guiana – All Souls’ Day – Other, Guam – All Souls’ Day – Banks/Government, Haiti – All Souls’ Day, Hungary – Public Holiday (workday moved to Sat. Nov. 10), Macau – All Souls’ Day (Dia de Finados), Malaysia – State Public Holiday (PRK) – Regional, Mauritius – Commemoration of the Arrival of Indentured Labourers, Mexico – All Souls’ Day (widespread but only official for banks) – Banks, Micronesia – Independence Day Holiday (day in lieu), New Caledonia – Bank Holiday – Banks, New Caledonia – Public Sector Holiday – Government, Nicaragua – All Souls’ Day – Government, Peru – Public Sector Holiday – Government, Philippines – Additional Public Holiday, San Marino – All Souls’ Day (Commemoration of the Dead), Timor-Leste – All Souls’ Day, Uruguay – All Souls’ Day (Día de los Muertos) – Banks/Government

03/11/2018 Saturday
Dominica – Independence Day, Ecuador – Cuenca Independence Day (celebration), Finland – All Saints’ Day, Japan – Culture Day, Maldives – Victory Day, Micronesia – FSM Independence Day (celebration), Panama – Independence Day (Separación de Panamá de Colombia), Sweden – All Saints’ Day (Allhelgonadagen)

04/11/2018 Sunday
Northern Mariana Islands – Citizenship Day, Panama – Flag Day (Día de los Símbolos de la Nación) – Banks/Government, Russian Federation – Unity Day (celebration), Tonga – Tonga National Day (celebration)

05/11/2018 Monday
Colombia – All Saints’ Day Holiday, Dominica – Community Service Day, Dominican Republic – Constitution Day Holiday, Northern Mariana Islands – Citizenship Day Holiday – Government, Panama – Colon Day (Conmemoración Patriótica en la Ciudad de Colón), Russian Federation – Unity Day Holiday (day in lieu), Tonga – Tonga National Day Holiday (day in lieu), Venezuela – All Saints Bank Holiday – Banks

06/11/2018 Tuesday
Argentina – Bank Holiday (Día del Bancario) – Banks, Australia – Melbourne Cup Day (VIC) – Regional, Guyana – Deepavali (Festival of Lights), India – Deepavali / Diwali (GA KL PY TN) – Regional, India – Naraka Chaturdashi / Kali Puja (KA WB) – Regional, Kenya – Diwali (only for Hindus) – Hindu, Malaysia – Deepavali (Festival of Lights) (except SRW), Morocco – Green March Day, Singapore – Deepavali, Sri Lanka – Deepavali Festival Day, Tajikistan – Constitution Day, Trinidad And Tobago – Diwali, Western Sahara – Green March Day