Global Holidays 20th to 26th May

Wednesday 20th May

Cameroon – National Day, Timor-Leste – Independence Restoration Day

Thursday 21st May

Chile – Navy Day, Montenegro – Independence Day, Saint Helena – Saint Helena Day

Friday 22nd May

Martinique – Abolition Day, Montenegro – Independence Day Holiday, Yemen – Unification Day (National Day)

Saturday 23rd May

Jamaica – National Labour Day (celebration)

Sunday 24th May

Belize – Sovereign’s Day / Commonwealth Day (celebration), Bermuda – Bermuda Day (celebration), Bonaire – Whit Sunday (Pentecost), Bulgaria – Culture and Literacy Day, Denmark – Whit Sunday (Pentecost), Ecuador – Battle of Pichincha Day, Eritrea – Independence Day, Estonia – Whit Sunday (Pentecost), Finland – Whit Sunday (Pentecost), French Polynesia – Whit Sunday (Pentecost), Iceland – Whit Sunday (Pentecost), Israel – Shavuot (Pentecost), Macedonia – Saints Cyril and Methodius’ Day (celebration), Madagascar – Whit Sunday (Pentecost), Netherlands – Whit Sunday (Pentecost), Norway – Whit Sunday (Pentecost), Poland – Whit Sunday (Pentecost), Svalbard And Jan Mayen – Whit Sunday (Pentecost), Sweden – Whit Sunday (Pingstdagen), Uganda – Lubiri Memorial Day (Buganda) – Regional

Monday 25th May

American Samoa – Memorial Day, Andorra – Whit Monday, Anguilla – Whit Monday, Antigua And Barbuda – Whit Monday, Argentina – First Government Day (Día de la Revolución de Mayo), Austria – Whit Monday, Bahamas – Whit Monday, Barbados – Whit Monday, Belgium – Whit Monday, Belize – Sovereign’s Day Holiday (day in lieu), Benin – Whit Monday, Bermuda – Bermuda Day Holiday (day in lieu), Central African Republic – Whit Monday, Congo – Whit Monday, Denmark – Whit Monday, Dominica – Whit Monday, Faroe Islands – Whit Monday, France – Whit Monday, French Guiana – Whit Monday, French Polynesia – Whit Monday, Gabon – Whit Monday, Gambia – African Liberation Day / President Yahya Jammeh’s Birthday, Germany – Whit Monday, Ghana – Africa Unity Day, Gibraltar – Spring Bank Holiday, Greenland – Whit Monday, Grenada – Whit Monday, Guadeloupe – Whit Monday, Guam – Memorial Day, Guinea – Africa Day (OAU Anniversary), Hong Kong – Buddha’s Birthday, Hungary – Whit Monday, Iceland – Whit Monday, Isle Of Man – Late May Bank Holiday, Ivory Coast – Whit Monday, Jamaica – National Labour Day Holiday (day in lieu), Jordan – Independence Day (may move to previous Sunday), Korea, Republic Of – Sukka Tansin Il (Buddha Day), Lebanon – South Liberation Day – Banks/Government, Lesotho – Africa Day / Heroes’ Day, Liechtenstein – Whit Monday, Luxembourg – Whit Monday, Macau – The Buddha’s Birthday (Dia do Buda), Macedonia – Saints Cyril and Methodius’ Day Holiday (day in lieu), Madagascar – Whit Monday, Mali – Africa Day, Martinique – Whit Monday, Mauritania – Africa Day, Mayotte – Whit Monday, Monaco – Whit Monday, Montserrat – Whit Monday, Namibia – Africa Day, Netherlands – Whit Monday, New Caledonia – Whit Monday, Northern Mariana Islands – Memorial Day, Norway – Whit Monday, Puerto Rico – Memorial Day – Banks/Government, Reunion – Whit Monday, Saint Helena – Whit Monday, Saint Kitts And Nevis – Whit Monday, Saint Lucia – Whit Monday, Saint Pierre And Miquelon – Whit Monday, Saint Vincent And The Grenadines – Whit Monday, Senegal – Whit Monday, Solomon Islands – Whit Monday, Svalbard And Jan Mayen – Whit Monday, Switzerland – Whit Monday (except VS), Togo – Whit Monday, Turks And Caicos Islands – National Heroes’ Day, United Kingdom – Spring Bank Holiday, United States – Memorial Day Holiday, Virgin Islands, British – Whit Monday, Virgin Islands, U.S. – Memorial Day, Wallis And Futuna – Whit Monday, Zambia – African Freedom Day, Zimbabwe – Africa Day

Tuesday 26th May

Georgia – Independence Day, Guyana – Independence Day