Global Holidays 7th – 13th May

Thursday 7th May

Kazakhstan – Homeland Defender Day, Malaysia – State Public Holiday (PHG) – Regional

Friday 8th May

Belgium – Fête de l’iris (Brussels Region Day) – Municipal/Government, Czech Republic – Liberation Day, France – Victory Day (Armistice 1945), French Guiana – Victory Day, French Polynesia – Victory Day, Guadeloupe – Victory Day, Martinique – Victory Day, Mayotte – Victory Day, New Caledonia – Victory Day, Reunion – Victory Day, Saint Pierre And Miquelon – Victory Day, Slovakia – Liberation of the Republic, Wallis And Futuna – Victory Day

Saturday 9th May

Armenia – Victory and Peace Day, Azerbaijan – Victory Day (celebration), Belarus – Victory Day, Bosnia And Herzegovina – Day of Victory over Fascism (RS) – Regional, Georgia – Victory Day, Kazakhstan – Victory Day (celebration), Kyrgyzstan – Victory Day, Moldova – Victory Day (Ziua Victoriei), Russian Federation – Victory Day (celebration), Tajikistan – Victory Day (celebration), Turkmenistan – Victory Day, Ukraine – Victory Day (celebration), Uzbekistan – Day of Remembrance and Honors (Xotira va Qadirlash Kuni)

Sunday 10th May

El Salvador – Día de la Madre – Government, Lebanon – Resistance and Liberation Day, Micronesia – Federated States of Micronesia Day (Constitution Day) (celebration), Puerto Rico – Mothers’ Day (Día de la Madres)

Monday 11th May

Azerbaijan – Victory Day Holiday (day in lieu), Kazakhstan – Victory Day Holiday (day in lieu), Micronesia – FSM Day Holiday (day in lieu), Russian Federation – Victory Day Holiday (day in lieu), Samoa – Mothers’ Day Public Holiday, Tajikistan – Victory Day Holiday (day in lieu), Tokelau – Mothers’ Day Public Holiday, Tuvalu – Aso ote Tala Lei (Gospel Day), Ukraine – Victory Day Holiday (day in lieu)

Tuesday 12th May

Georgia – Saint Andrew the First Called Day

Wednesday 13th May

Cambodia – King Norodom Sihamoni’s Birthday