Global Holidays List 17th October ...

17/10/2016         Monday,

Cambodia – Day of Hommage for the late King Father (Norodom Sihanouk) (day in lieu), Colombia – Día de la Raza Holiday, Costa Rica – Feriado del Encuentro de las Culturas, Haiti – Mort de Dessalines, Israel – First Day of Sukkot (Harvest), Jamaica – National Heroes’ Day, Lao Peoples Democratic Republic – Boat Racing Festival (Ventiane) – Municipal, Malawi – Mothers’ Day Holiday (day in lieu),


18/10/2016         Tuesday,

Azerbaijan – Independence Day, Israel – Bank Holiday (afternoon) – Banks/Afternoon, Zambia – National Day of Prayer, 19/10/2016          Wednesday        , Albania – Mother Theresa Day (Dita e Lumturimit të Nënë Terezës), Israel – Bank Holiday (afternoon) – Banks/Afternoon, Niue – Constitution Day.


20/10/2016         Thursday,

Guatemala – Revolution Day, Israel – Bank Holiday (afternoon) – Banks/Afternoon, Kenya – Mashujaa Day (National Day), Niue – Constitution Day Holiday.

21/10/2016         Friday,

Burundi – President Ndadaye Day (assassination anniv.), Israel – Bank Holiday (afternoon) – Banks/Afternoon, New Zealand – Provincial Anniversary Day (Hawke’s Bay) – Regional, Virgin Islands, British – Saint Ursula’s Day.


23/10/2016         Sunday,

Cambodia – Commemoration of the Paris Peace Agreements of 1991 (celebration), Hungary – Republic Day, Israel – Bank Holiday (afternoon) – Banks/Afternoon, Libya – Liberation Day, Macedonia – Day of the Macedonian Revolution (celebration), Thailand – Chulalongkorn Day (Rama V Day) (celebration)