Global Holidays List 26th Septemb ...

26/09/2016         Monday,

Australia – Family and Community Day (ACT) – Regional, Australia – Queen’s Birthday (WA) – Regional, Cambodia – Constitution Day Holiday (day in lieu), Mozambique – Armed Forces Day Holiday (day in lieu), New Zealand – Provincial Anniversary Day (Canterbury South) – Regional, Yemen – September Revolution Day

27/09/2016         Tuesday,

Belgium – French Community Day – Regional/Government/Linguistic, Eritrea – Meskel (Discovery of the True Cross) – Coptic, Ethiopia – Meskel (Discovery of the True Cross).

28/09/2016         Wednesday,

Czech Republic – Czech Statehood Day.

29/09/2016         Thursday,

Zambia – Public Holiday (General Elections) – Tentative.

30/09/2016         Friday,
Australia – Public Holiday (AFL Grand Finale Parade) (VIC) – Regional, Botswana – Botswana Day, Cambodia – Bonn Phchum Ben (Ancestors’ Day), India – Mahalaya (KA WB) – Regional, India – Mid-Year Accounts Closing (Bank Holiday) – Banks, Marshall Islands – Manit Day (Culture Day), Palau – Independence Day Holiday (day in lieu), Sao Tome And Principe – Agricultural Reform Day, Turks And Caicos Islands – National Youth Day.

01/10/2016         Saturday,

Botswana – Botswana Day Holiday, Cambodia – Bonn Phchum Ben Holiday, China – National Day (Guoqing Jie), Cyprus – Cyprus Independence Day, Hong Kong – National Day, Macau – PRC National Day, Malaysia – State Public Holiday (SBH) – Regional, Micronesia – Chuuk Constitution Day – Regional, Nepal – Ghatasthapana, Nigeria – National Day (celebration), Palau – Independence Day (celebration), San Marino – Investiture of the Captains Regent (Heads of State), Tuvalu – Independence Day (Tuvalu Day), Uzbekistan – Day of Teachers and Instructors (O’qituvchi va Murabbiylar Kuni).


02/10/2016         Sunday,

Algeria – Awal Mouharem (Islamic New Year), Bahrain – Islamic New Year, Brunei Darussalam – Islamic New Year (celebration), Cambodia – Bonn Phchum Ben Holiday, China – National Day Holiday, Comoros – Muharram (Islamic New Year), Djibouti – Awal Mouharam (Islamic New Year), Egypt – El Hijra (Islamic New Year), Gambia – Tamharrat – Banks, Guinea – Independence Day, India – Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti (HR) – Regional, India – Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday, Indonesia – Islamic New Year (Tahun Baru Islam 1438 Hijriyah), Iraq – Islamic New Year, Jordan – Islamic New Year, Kuwait – Hejira New Year (Islamic New Year), Lebanon – Hegira (Islamic New Year 1438 AH), Libya – Islamic New Year, Macau – The Day following the PRC National Day (except Banks) – Government/Private Sector, Malaysia – Awal Muharram (Islamic New Year), Maldives – Islamic New Year 1438 (Hijri) – Government, Niger – Muharam (Islamic New Year), Oman – Islamic New Year, Palestinian Territory, Occupied – Islamic New Year, Philippines – Islamic New Year (Amon Jaded) (ARMM) – Regional, Sudan – Islamic New Year, Syrian Arab Republic – Islamic New Year, Tunisia – Ras el am el Hejri / Hégire (Islamic New Year), Tuvalu – Independence Day Holiday, United Arab Emirates – Islamic New Year, Western Sahara – Islamic New Year, Yemen – Islamic New Year