Global Holidays List 30th Novembe ...

30/11/2015 Monday,

Barbados – Independence Day, Liberia – William V.S. Tubman’s Birthday Holiday (day in lieu), New Zealand – Provincial Anniversary Day (Chatham Islands) – Regional, New Zealand – Provincial Anniversary Day (Westland) – Regional, Philippines – Bonifacio Day (Araw ni Bonifacio), Romania – Feast of Saint Andrew (Sfântul Andrei), Senegal – Magal de Touba, Vanuatu – National Unity Day Holiday (day in lieu), Yemen – Independence Day.

01/12/2015 Tuesday,

Central African Republic – National Day (Proclamation of the Republic), Chad – Freedom and Democracy Day, Kazakhstan – Day of the First President, Romania – National Day (Ziua unirii), South Sudan – World AIDS Day.

02/12/2015 Wednesday,

Iran, Islamic Republic Of – Arba’in-e Hosseini (40th day after Ashura), Lao Peoples Democratic Republic – National Day, United Arab Emirates – National Day.

03/12/2015 Thursday,

Spain – San Francisco Javier (NA) – Regional, United Arab Emirates – National Day Holiday – Government.

04/12/2015 Friday,

Bonaire – Saba Flag Day (Saba) – Regional, Ghana – Farmers’ Day, Marshall Islands – Gospel Day.

05/12/2015 Saturday,

Thailand – HM the King’s Birthday (celebration).

06/12/2015 Sunday,

Ecuador – Quito Day – Regional, Finland – Independence Day, Myanmar – National Day.