Global Holidays List 3rd October ...

03/10/2016         Monday,

Australia – Labour Day (ACT NSW SA) – Regional, Australia – Queen’s Birthday (QLD) – Regional, Brunei Darussalam – Islamic New Year Holiday (day in lieu), Cambodia – Bonn Phchum Ben Holiday, China – National Day Holiday, Christmas Island – Territory Day, Cocos (Keeling,Null) Islands – Islamic New Year, Falkland Islands – Peat Cutting Day (Spring Holiday), Germany – German Unity Day, Iraq – National Iraqi Day, Israel – Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year), Kiribati – In honour of Education Day, Korea, Republic Of – Kae Chun Jul (Foundation Day), Macau – Bank Holiday – Banks, Macau – The first working day after the PRC National Day – Government, Malaysia – Awal Muharram (day in lieu) (except JHR KDH KTN TRG), Mauritania – Premier Moharram (Islamic New Year), Morocco – 1er Moharrem (Islamic New Year), Nigeria – National Day Holiday (day in lieu) – Tentative, Paraguay – Battle of Boquerón Holiday, Saint Lucia – Thanksgiving Day, Somalia – Islamic New Year (Somaliland) – Regional, Tuvalu – Independence Day Holiday (celebration).

04/10/2016         Tuesday,

China – National Day Holiday, Israel – Rosh Hashanah Holiday, Lesotho – Independence Day, Macau – The second working day after the Day following PRC National Day – Government, Mozambique – Peace and National Reconciliation Day, Tuvalu – Independence Day Holiday (day in lieu).

05/10/2016         Wednesday,

China – National Day Holiday, Honduras – Fiestas Patrias (private sector works until noon), Portugal – Republic Day – Tentative, Vanuatu – Constitution Day,

06/10/2016         Thursday,

China – National Day Holiday (workday moved to Sat. Oct. 8), Egypt – Armed Forces Day, Honduras – Fiestas Patrias, Syrian Arab Republic – Tishreen Liberation War Day, Turkmenistan – Earthquake Remembrance Day

07/10/2016         Friday,

Bhutan – Thimphu Drubchoe (Thimphu) – Municipal, China – National Day Holiday (workday moved to Sun. Oct. 9), Honduras – Fiestas Patrias, Lao Peoples Democratic Republic – BOL Foundation Day – Banks, Spain – Día de Euskadi (PV) – Regional.

08/10/2016         Saturday,

Croatia – Independence Day, India – Dussehra (Maha Saptami) (SK TR WB) – Regional, Nepal – Dashain Festival (Phulpati/Fulpaati), Peru – Battle of Angamos Day,

09/10/2016         Sunday,

American Samoa – White Sunday – Christian, Ecuador – Guayaquil Independence Day, Hong Kong – Chung Yeung Festival (celebration), India – Dussehra (Maha Ashtami) (AP AR AS ML MN OR TR WB) – Regional, India – Saddula Bathukamma (TS) – Regional, Korea, Republic Of – Hangeul Day, Macau – Chong Yeung Festival (Festival of Ancestors), Nepal – Dashain Festival (Maha Astami), Uganda – Independence Day