Global Service Update 17th August


• France, United Kingdom, due to Channel Tunnel disruptions, contingencies are in place, situation is being monitored.


• Indonesia, due to volcanic ash cloud caused by Mount Raung eruption, service delays expected.
• Bangladesh, Dhaka due to monsoon rain causing severe disruptions, service impact expected.
• Nepal, general strike by political parties, service impact expected.
• China, Tianjin, due to chemical explosion, potential service delays, situation is being monitored.
• Thailand, Bangkok, due to bomb incident at the Rachaprasong Intersection, the area is currently closed,
potential service impact.
• Typhoon 16W (Goni) is located at approximately 1889km southeast of Taipei, it is forecast to move towards
the seas east of Taiwan and Luzon gradually in the next few days. Situation is being monitored.


• Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone delays due to Ebola.

Middle East

• Saudi Arabia, due to air strikes in Yemen all airports in South Saudi are closed and no commercial flights are being operated. Yemen is open for both Documents and Non-Documents service inbound and outbound with immediate effect, transit time from Dubai will be +10 days, service is via road to Sanah.


• Brazil, due to nationwide customs strike affecting all express industries, service impact expected.
• Ecuador, due to volcanic eruption of Cotopaxi Volcano near Quito, service disruption expected.