Global Service Update 16th Februa ...

Public Holiday:
16th February: Lithuania, Serbia (Republic of)
17th February: Kosovo
23rd February: Kyrgyzstan

Operational Update:
Public Holiday:
17th February: Haiti
21st February: American Samoa,Mariana Islands

Asia Pacific:
Operational Update:
Bhutan (BT):
The capital and Airport region lockdown have been lifted on
13thFeb, services resume on 14thFeb onwards. Exception of
Southern region (PBH-AG2) location where it remains under
lockdown till further notice.
Pick up and delivery have been suspended, Tonga on lockdown till
Temporary restrictive procedures during 2021 Winter Olympic
Games & The Winter Paralympic Games:
Please note the below service impacts are unavoidable from
25thJan until 13thMar the end of the games: Pick up and delivery
service from/to Beijing city, Tianjin city and Hebei province
Due to intense inspection as well as sanitizing procedure, further
trans-shipment delay is expected for both inbound and outbound
All Hubs and Gateways in China
Due to strengthened measures for sterilization measures for
Inbound shipments to China, there is an expected 1 day delay

Beijing City(PEK-HZD, MOC, NOC, APD)
Pick up to NOC has been resumed since 14thFeb. All inbound
shipments to Beijing will be centralized sterilization and stand for
before qualified for delivery, please expect 0.5-1 day delay
delivery service in Beijing City.
Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province(CAN-GZP)
Pick up and delivery service in partial area of postcode 511431
has been suspended since 7thFeb. All inbound shipments into
Guangzhou would experience additional 48 hours delay due to
sanitisation process.
Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province(HGH-HGE, HGH-HGX, HGHHGJ,
All inbound documents to Hangzhou City will stand for 4 days at
service centre before qualified for delivery. All inbound nondocuments
to Hangzhou City will stand for 7 days at service centre
before qualified for delivery.
Please expect delay delivery service in Hangzhou City
Huizhou City, Guangdong Province(SWA-HCJ)
Pick up and delivery service in HCJ under postcode 516032 has
been resumed since 15thFeb.

Lhasa City, Xizang (CTU-LXA)
Pick up globally to Lhasa city has been suspended until further
notice since 25thJan.
Nanning City, Guangxi Province(HAK-NNG)
Pick up and delivery service in partial area of postcode 530031
has been suspended since 7thFeb.
Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province (PVG-NKG)
Starting from 17th Aug, In-bound shipments destined to
YuhuataiDistrict, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province(involving the
postcodes of 200012/211039/210041/210022) please note 2 day
delivery delay should be expected.
QuzhouCity, Zhejiang Province(HGH-JGH)
Pick up and delivery service in Quzhouurban(Postcode
324000/324022) has been suspended since 10thFeb.

Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province (SZX-SZW, SZX-LPZ, SZX-LHZ,
1. Pick-up and delivery service in SZW under postcode 518108 and
under partial area of postcode 511431 has been suspended since
7thFeb.2. Inbound shipments delivery has been suspended under
SZX-SZW. From 15thFeb, customer can self-collect @SZH-SZL.
The rest service areas in SZX can still have Inbound shipments
delivery as normal.
Please note that inbound shipments into Shenzhen would
experience an additional 48 hours delay before they can be
Suzhou City,

Sub Saharan Africa:
Operational Update:
Guinea-Bissau:Due to the unstable situation in the area all pick
and delivery services have been suspended until further notice
Public Holiday:
16thFebruary: Uganda
18thFebruary: Gambia
21stFebruary: Zimbabwe

Middle East and North Africa:
Operational Update:
Afghanistan: Due to volatilesituation in Afghanistan, DHL have
been forced to suspend all the service effective from 15thAugust
Public Holiday:
17thFebruary: Libya
22ndFebruary: Saudi Arabia