Global Service Update 19th Septem ...


France – Due to two exhibitions : TEXWORLD Exhibition (Sep 17 to Sep 20, 2018 ) in Le Bourget exhibition centre / PREMIERE VISION Exhibition (Sep 19 to Sep 21, 2018) in Villepinte exhibition centre, service delays are expected.

Italy: Due to bike Race, Service Delays ar eexpected in postr codes: 38062,38066,38073

Austria : Due to the EU Summit taking place in Salzburg between 19th – 20th September, service delays are expected.

Asia Pacific:

Japan : Due to flooding at Kansai Airport, service delays are expected.

Hong Kong : Due to Typhoon ( Mangkhut), service delays are expected

Sub Saharan Africa:

Nothing to Report.

Middle East and North Africa:

Nothing to Report.


Nothing To Report