Global Service Update 29th March ...

Operational Update:
Due to closure of Ukrainian airspace, our flight operations to and from
Ukraine are suspended. Therefore, we have temporarily suspended the
acceptance of DHL shipments to and from Ukraine.
Domestic and Inbound servicesto Russia have been suspended, no
shipments accepted until further notice.
FullServices suspension.
Public Holiday:
31st March: Malta
st April: Cyprus

Operational Update:
Public Holiday:
29th March: Suriname
30th March: Trinidad and Tobago

Asia Pacific:
Operational Update:
Bhutan (BT):
The capital and Airport region has been put under lockdown starting 23rd
Feb until further notice.Southern region (PBH-AG2) location still remains
under lockdown till further notice.
DHL pickup and deliveries have started in the zone (Mega Zone C1) in
Thimphu since 21 MARCH
China cities suspensions and restrictions are evolving rapidly on a daily
basis with multiple changes. Our China team has released a new site to
ensure all service suspensions are updated on this site. This ensures all
customers are kept up to date of the changes. Kindly refer to this hyperlink
for the latest DHL China service impact. (In case of any clarification, please
contact your account manager)
It is recommended to use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome when
accessing to allow it to be translated to English
Global Pick-up Suspension for below cities:
Shenzhen, Dongguan, Baoying county, Langfang, Shaoguan, Xizang,
Shanghai, Zhejiang Area , Jiangsu and Anhui Area.
The international express industry has become a focus of epidemic
prevention and control in China since the beginning of 2022 and this
triggered the Post Administration Bureau in China at national, provincial
and city levels to further strengthen the control of inbound shipment
Please note there is now a disinfection and caged days/hours for all
inbound shipments to China mainland but the specific additional
days/hours may vary as per local authorities and per pandemic
developments in different cities. For our latest network updates, please
refer to the link
Tonga: Please note Tonga will be on another week of lockdown from
Vanuatu: Please expect pick-up and delivery services may be delayed due
to the shorten of operating hours from 0800hrs -1300hrs Monday to
Public Holiday:
31st March: Micronesia
1st April: Nepal
2nd April: India, Maldives
3rd April: Malaysia, China
4th April: China, Taiwan, North Korea, Brunei, Malaysia
5th April: China, Hong Kong, Macao Sar, Taiwan