Global Service Update 2nd Decembe ...


•France, North Paris (Le Bourget) due to COP21 conference between 30th Nov – 10th Dec, service delays
•France and United Kingdom, due to Channel Tunnel disruptions, contingencies are in place, situation is being
•Russia, all non-documents shipped from/to Turkey and any shipments transiting through Turkey, regardless
of origin, are subject to additional customs delays, service impact expected
•Serbia, road closures in Belgrade due to OEBS conference between 2nd – 4th December, service delays

Asia Pacific

•Bangladesh, due to issues with local custom systems, please expect service delays on all non-document
•India, heavy rains and bad weather have impacted Chennai and surrounding areas resulting in flooding and
public transport not operational, situation is expected to be bad for next 2- 3 days, service delays expected


•Nothing to report


• New York, USA – Christmas tree lighting at The Rockefeller Center, various streets closed.