Global Service Update 7th July 20 ...


Operational Update:

Public Holiday:

13th July: Montenegro (Republic of)
14th July: France, Montenegro (Republic of)


Operational Update:

Public Holiday:

9th July: Argentina, Palau
10th July: Bahamas
14th July: French Guyana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, St. Barthelemy

Asia Pacific:

Operational update:


New South Wales (Sydney):Due to a rise in Covid 19 cases, New South Wales Health has announced a lockdown for 2 weeks across the majority of the state until 9 th July. DHL remains
Bhutan: The government has implemented a lockdown in the southern region, pick-up and delivery service in the southern region is temporarily suspended until the lockdown is lifted.
Guangdong Province
With adherence to the epidemic control requirements and the direction from local government, below postcode locations have been suspended until further notice.
•Guangzhou City has implemented the access block in the areas under Postcode 510360-510399.
• Shenzhen City Postcode: 518103 , 518118, 518052, 518054, 518109 : 1 building / community under this postcode is impacted
Pick-up globally into these area will remain but the shipments to these specific postcode locations will be stored temporarily locally until further government instructions.
Meanwhile a 1 day transit time impact is expected for South China Outbound and Inbound due to Covid-19 situation.
India: The Indian Government has extended the lockdown until further notice. DHL remains operational in all major cities in India.
Countries should check for serviceability through DHL Capacity Tool / MyDHL. Please note that some delays may still be expected in some locations.

Bangladesh:The BD government has imposed a countrywide lockdown for a week from 01 Jul till
07 Jul in a bid to contain new cases of Covid 19. DHL remains operational although some delays maybe expected.
Indonesia: The Indonesian Government announced new guidelines to restrict mobility in some
cities/districts starting from 2nd July until 20th July due to COVID. The restrictions are applicable to
29 cities/districts that are categorized as RED zones (Please see below). Essential services including
DHL will still operate 100% with implementation of strict health protocols.
Nepal: The Government of Nepal extended prohibitoryorders (lockdown) until 28thJune 2021 in 3 major cities: Kathmandu , Lalitpur, Bhaktapurfollowing spike in COVID-19 cases. This is in efforts to control further spread of those infected within the country.
DHL is still operational with charter flights but with extended transit time. Delays are expected due to limited ground and customs workforce on duty.
Malaysia: The Government of Malaysia has announced to implement a Full Movement Control Order (Full Lockdown) throughout the country effective until 28thJune 2021 to address the current Covid-19 outbreak. DHL remains operational.
Maldives:The government of Maldives has extended the curfew from 16:00 to 08:00 hours until 30thJune 2021. DHL is still operational but service impact is expected.
The Philippines: The government has lockdown until further notice.
DHL will remain operational all throughout this period. Pick-ups and deliveries will be done when DHL can access the area or when consignees confirm availability to receive shipments.
Sri Lanka:Due to a recent surge in Covid-19 cases, the goverment has extended travel restrictions until further notice. DHL is still operational, but service delays are expected.
Vietnam: The Vietnam Government has decided to place all Bac Giangprovince under lockdown due to the increasing number of COVID 19 cases.
Two suburbs pick-up and delivery service are suspended : Neo Izand Song KheNoiHoang Iz. Other areas not listed will have pick-up delivery services with extended transit time.
Kindly note that Bac Ninhprovince pick-up and delivery service is impacted with extended transit time as well.

Delays are also expected for clearance and deliveries.

Public Holiday:

7th July: Solomon Islands
8th July: Kiribati
9th July: Kiribati
13th July: Kiribati, Mongolia
14th July: Bhutan, Mongolia, New Caledonia, Tahiti

Sub Saharan Africa:

Operational Update:

Swaziland:Due to civil unrest, service has been suspended until further notice.

Public Holiday:

7th July: Tanzania. Zambia
9th July: South Sudan
14th July: Mayotte, Reunion (Island Of)

Middle East and North Africa

Operational Update:

Public Holiday:

14th July: Iraq

Countries not served and high risk sanctioned Countries:

Countries Not Served:
•Bovet Island
•British Indian Ocean Territory
•French Southern Territories
•Heard & McDonald Islands
•Saint Pierre & Miquelon
•Tristan Da Cunha
•US Minor Outlying Islands (Baker Is, Howland Is, Jarvis Is, Johnston Atoll, Kingman Reef, Midway Atoll, Palmyra Atoll, Wake Is)
•Western Sahara

High Risk Sanctioned Countries:
All shipments going to a High Risk sanctioned country must have a signed Letter of Indemnity and will undergo 100%
•Iran (Islamic Republic Of)
•Korea, The D.P.R Of (North Korea)

Additional Updates:
•Israel –Jordan-Lane is temporarily suspended