Global Service Update 7th October


• France, United Kingdom, due to Channel Tunnel disruptions, contingencies are in place, situation is being monitored.


• Bangladesh. Dhaka due to technical difficulties with the local customs system causing backlogs with all inbound material, service impact expected.
• Indonesia, The haze situation, levels at Pekanbaru exceeds 400 and the visibility in the area is very poor. This will impact service delays. The DHL Pekanbaru service centre will be closed until further notice. Situation is being monitored.


• Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone delays due to Ebola.

Middle East

• Saudi Arabia, due to air strikes in Yemen all airports in South Saudi are closed and no commercial flights are being operated. Yemen is open for both Documents and Non-Documents service inbound and outbound with immediate effect, transit time from Dubai will be +10 days, service is via road to Sanaa.


• Flash Floods in South Carolina, USA. Situation is being monitored.