Pleased be advised of the below regarding any Laptop collections:

You may have two per box and no more than two boxes per waybill.

If the shipments are packed in accordance with the below you can ship as many as you need:

We can accept Lithium Batteries contained in equipment without prior approval so long as they meet the below criteria

  • The watt hour rating of the cells / batteries must be ≤20wh cells / ≤100wh batteries
  • The cells batteries must be contained within the equipment
  • The equipment must be prevented from accidental activation
  • The equipment must be packaged in rigid outer packaging capable of withstanding a 1.2 metre drop test.
  • There can be no more than 4 cells / 2 batteries contained in equipment in any one package.
  • There can be no more than two of these packages per consignment.
  • These shipments packaged as above must NOT bear Lithium Batteries Handling Label. No specific Lithium Batteries AWB description is required.
  • For shipments of this type destined for Asia / Pacific Region the AWB statement must read, ‘Lithium Ion Batteries packed in compliance with Section II of PI967 (4 cells / 2 batteries or less)’