Myanmar situation on February 16t ...

Please see an update of Myanmar situation on Feb.16, 2021 for your reference.

Latest situation of MM Coup Update
1. Current curfew status 08.00 PM to 04.00 AM
2. Airport operations Airport is open now and there are some airlines are operating this week such as EY, TK, SQ, EK but QR and KE are suspend until future notice.
3. Seaport operation Seaports are still open but the problem is that most of staffs are participating in protest, therefore the shipments are difficult to proceed.
4. Cross-border traffic Traffic jam at borders but still can move the cargo.

Lead time will take 4-5 days from TH to MM (door to door)

5. (MACCS) Customs system Operate as normal.
6. Bank operation The government banks are open but all of private banks are closed today including CB bank.

Anyway overseas transfer can’t be done at this moment.

7. Domestic traffic (transport from factories to ports/airports/warehouse) Operate as normal.
8. Communication – Domestic line, mobile phone and internet are operate as normal
– Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter have been blocked but still can access via VPN.
9. Other Internet for the whole country have been cutoff since 01.00 AM until 09.00 AM on Feb.16, 2021