New regulations for goods enterin ...

Taiwan Customs have introduced new regulations for goods entering into Taiwan that came into force at the end of April.

Below are the new requirements:

Please be advised, Taiwan Customs inform that since 20th April, the goods description of import item should be specific.

For example, SKIRT/SHIRT/PANT, instead of garments. PC BOARD/MONITOR/USB, instead of COMPUTER PARTS.

If the sending station can not follow these regulations, then the shipment can not be cleared by Customs. To manage our Customs Clearance service level, our agent will directly call the consignee to check the real contents of an item as they have to submit the shipping data before flight arrival.

If the goods description does not comply with Taiwan customs rules and no correct consignee’s contact information is provided, then the goods will be held for around 24 hours before being returned to origin country.

Please check and provide correct information before sending.

From 26th of May 2017, which is two weeks from now, if NO Specific Item Description is stated in Electronic data or Commercial Invoice then there will be USD3.00 penalty charge per parcel.

Thank you for your cooperation.