Raised Security Alert Level at Si ...

In view of the unfortunate bombings in Jakarta yesterday, 14th January 2016, the Security Alert Level in Singapore has been raised whereby there are 100% checks being done at all the entry points into Singapore. Customs are conducting total scanning of all shipments where metal detectors have also been activated.

Due to this, clearance process is experiencing delays and nonetheless, we are endeavoring to have all the consignments to be cleared promptly to facilitate the delivery processes.

Meanwhile, we wish to remind you that the Republic of Singapore takes a strong stand against the import, transportation and handling of any and all items that are classified as controlled, banned and/or contraband as administered by the Immigration & Customs Authority of Singapore. Therefore, please ensure no prohibited and/or contraband items are being sent; and all consignments are accurately declared in all paperwork (Consignment Note, Invoices, etc) and also match with the physical contents.

For further information on the list of controlled and prohibited items, you may visit www.customs.gov.sg

Should there be any contents which are prohibited for sending into Singapore detected within your material, the sender would be deemed as abetting in sending such shipment(s) and will be held liable by the relevant authorities and/or agencies.

We seek your kind understanding and co-operation on this matter.