Turkish Custom Requirements ̵ ...

According to the Customs regulation (07.10.2009 t. 27369 s. R.G.Ek-10) issued by the Ministry of Customs and Trade, effective from June 1, 2016, the below information is a mandatory requirement to state on the Declaration of the goods. This is for any shipments which are expected to enter into Customs territory of Turkey and valued above 75 EUR and/or dutiable.

  • HS Code (Harmonized System Code) relevant with the content. 4 digit HS code is a mandatory requirement however 6 digit HS code is recommended to use.
  • If the Receiver is a Company (legal entity) their VAT Number is required.
  • If the Receiver is a Private Individual (Turkish Citizens) their TR ID Number is required.
  • If the Receiver is a Foreigner (Non Turkish Citizens) their Passport Number is required.

The above information is requested to be written on the relevant sections of the invoice by the sender. Only if this information is submitted completely and accurately, Summary Declaration of your shipments will be lodged and Customs clearance process will begin accordingly. In order to prepare the Summary Declaration for your shipments in a timely manner, we recommend you to share the receivers VAT / TR ID / Passport number on the booking / invoice in the address field.