UK Overnight Service Update 7th M ...

We have continued to monitor UK overnight services very carefully. Since the last update we have noticed an improvement in services with delivery performance moving back towards expected and acceptable levels.

However unfortunately this week we have experienced further delays which are not attributed to the recent publicised closure of Initial Citylink.

Our current chosen service provider has implemented a series of upgrades one being a change of main service centre hub. A new hub has been built over the last 24 months which offers vast improvements in service and capability.

The changeover has been staged over the last 2 months and has been moving along relatively smoothly. Unfortunately on Tuesday evening mechanical problems delayed all material moving through the hub. This was compounded as the volume was much larger than normal due to Bank Holiday Monday closure. A large volume of the freight was delayed causing a backlog and has had a knock on affect for the following evenings volume. Additional drivers have been drafted this week and many drivers will be operating over the weekend to ensure all back log is cleared for business to resume as normal for the following Monday.

If you have urgent time critical deliveries please contact our operations or customer services team and we will check alternatives