Unaccepted Items into Saudi Arabi ...

Please take note of the following unaccepted items that the Saudi customs have started imposing penalties upon when shipped to KSA.

The penalty will be based on the shipment value and an official receipt will be provided to the customer.

As per their official announcement, the unacceptable items are listed below

  • All kinds of laser pointers / smart watch / glasses with camera / pens with camera
  • All kinds of electrical zapper
  • Radar detector
  • All materials to hide car plates
  • Spy glasses and cameras
  • All kinds of drones with or without camera
  • All kinds of hidden cameras
  • Metal detector devices
  • All kinds of telescopes
  • All kinds of items related to alcohol beverages
  • All weapon parts
  • All kinds of sexual items, including massage devices
  • All kinds of items related to eavesdropping devices
  • GPS tracking for cars
  • Wireless communications equipment (walky talky / ICOM)