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Supply chain management involves managing a number of different processes to allow the smooth order, transportation and delivery of goods. The success of your supply chain management will reflect on your company and have implications both in-house and building customer relationships. Many companies have someone who is designated to take care of supply chain management, whilst others choose to outsource this to specialist logistics providers who are able to handle the pressures and difficulties of supply chain management. Here are 4 of the problems that your supply chain manager has to deal with on a regular basis:

#1 Building relationships with suppliers

Building and maintaining strong relationships with suppliers is also a key and important part of the role of your supply chain manager. Managing multiple suppliers is a complicated process, and fixing issues when some have delays is essential. They have to also ensure that every supplier meets certain quality controls that are consistent, reliable and cost-effective.

#2 Managing inventory of goods

As well as knowing stock numbers, managing inventory also involves a number of other processes such as keeping enough stock to prevent long order and delivery times, and appropriately timing these orders so that you aren’t storing large volumes of unnecessary stock. Another part to this is managing client expectations in terms of delivery times – being able to correctly say how long each delivery will take, and being consistent across all deliveries.

#3 Taking responsibility for health and safety

Did you know that your supply chain manager is also largely responsible for the health and safety aspects of the logistics management process? They are responsible for sourcing products that meet safety and quality standards. This reduces the risk of problems with customers and even the need to recall products, which can have a significant financial and reputational impact.

#4 Mitigating risks

Overall, supply chain managers will be held accountable if there is an issue with a supplier. They must resolve issues quickly and guarantee that suppliers meet demands. Backup suppliers should be sourced and ready to move should any supplier need replacing at any given time. This mitigates the risk of significant financial losses that come from relying on suppliers and being let down. It also means satisfied customers will receive a smooth and fast delivery.

Expert supply chain management

Supply chain management carries a lot of responsibilities, and with it a large burden and window for error. By allowing an expert logistics company to take care of your supply chain management you can further mitigate the risk of being let down by suppliers, and to ensure that all issues are dealt with immediately with no effect to your customers.

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