Three Benefits Of Using An Indepe ...

Logistics provider

Many large logistics providers have their own permanent offices located around the world. Though this may increase their company profile, it doesn’t always benefit the client.

Here are three ways that using an independent logistics provider could be better for your business:

Global Network

Independent logistics providers create global networks with other logistics providers to facilitate the needs of their clients. The success of each partner within any given network relies upon their ability to deliver a great service. This means that everyone involved within the network is acutely aware of their customers and will always go the extra mile to deliver an excellent service.

Global alliances of logistical solutions are created to enable providers to network with other reputable counterparts. These alliances afford independent logistics providers a choice of multiple partners when it comes to product’s assembly, packaging, warehousing and distribution. When every step of the logistical process has a specialist dedicated to it and managed by one provider, clients receive an enhanced service.

Faster Problem Resolution

Every industry runs into problems at one stage or another from unforeseen circumstances. With an independent logistics network, there are no middle men to delay swift resolutions. The reason for this is that the alliances between these global companies have been made between senior managers. So, if and when a problem arises, it can go straight to the top of the chain and be dealt with in a timely and effective manner rather being passed from department to department within a large organisation.

Enhanced Time Keeping and Savings

Choosing to outsource your businesses logistics requirements to an independent logistics provider that is part of a global alliance can also benefit businesses by saving them time and money. This is the case as all worrying about training, billing, audits, paperwork, staffing, or optimization is removed, as they are all taken care of, giving you time to focus on the growth of your business. Outsourcing your logistics needs to a third party provider means that you don’t have to pay the warehouse maintenance fees or have to invest in the right transportation, technology and staff.

As an established independent logistics provider, UCS have circa 20 years of experience behind them and are part of a global alliance. This has afforded them the ability to handpick the best service providers for each stage of the logistics process be it assembly, packaging, warehousing and distribution.

For more information on how using an independent logistics provider can benefit your business, get in touch with us via email or call our team on 0844 879 3229.

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