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As the effects of climate change continue to become more apparent, businesses everywhere are beginning to recognise their responsibility and are updating their corporate social responsibility policy. So how can you reduce the environmental impact of the logistics within your company and how will it affect you?

The Benefits for your business

Adopting an eco-friendly business model can be achieved a number of ways, but before you decide to make the switch, what benefits can you expect for your business? By reducing the amount of waste your company produces and cutting down on your use of paper and other resources, you can cut costs and make your operations more efficient. Operating an ethical business model can also attract a new audience of consumers who are concerned about the environment, meaning that adopting an eco-friendly approach has the potential to reduce costs and increase business.

So how can you reduce the environmental impact of your logistical company?

There are a vast range of ways that your logistics company can reduce their impact on the environment, from using recycled paper to turning off unused lights and appliances. Here are the main ways that your business can help the environment:


A good place to start when it comes to saving energy is to make sure all lights and appliances are switched off completely or unplugged when no longer in use. This prevents energy being wasted and helps keep your usage down. Another way to do this would be to make the switch to using energy efficient lights and purchasing appliances with high energy ratings. This also reduces your usage significantly and, as a result, can reduce your energy bill.

Paper and Waste

A simple way to reduce your paper waste is to use a printer that can print on both sides of a sheet of paper, essentially halving your usage without much effort. On top of this, you can try and encourage your staff to use electronic communications like emails to transfer documents instead of always printing them. This helps drastically reduce your usage and helps prevent waste. Actively sourcing recycled paper and materials can also help reduce any adverse effects your company might be having on the environment and gain a reputation for your responsibility and sustainability.

The Benefits to the Environment

Adopting an environmentally friendly business model is a great way to reduce your business’ impact on the environment, but how does this help? There are a range of beneficial outcomes for the environment, most of which contributing to the overall increased sustainability of the world we live in. By reducing the amount that we are wasting, we decrease the reliance on landfill sites and the need to obtain new raw materials, saving energy and freeing up land for other developments. By reusing paper, we are cutting down fewer trees and conserving valuable natural materials and reducing our energy usage.

So it would seem that switching to an environmentally considerate approach to business, companies can reduce their operational costs and begin to take action to prevent further damage to the environment. This alone seems like reason enough to consider adapting your approach to business, and if that as not enough, gaining recognition and awards for sustainability and environmental excellence can also act as a powerful marketing tool to bring in new clients.

Here at UCS, we consider it part of our social corporate responsibility to recognise the impact we are having and work to minimise any negative effects that we may cause.

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