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Technology is driving the pace of change across multiple industries and the delivery sector is no different. Over the past decade we have seen a wealth of improvement in services, performance and choices thanks to the role that technology has played in the logistics world.

GPS Tracking

Being able to track parcels in transit has changed the way that delivery services operate and made it much simpler for customers to keep an eye on parcels on the move. GPS tracking involves scanning packages each time they move during the process of delivery and uploading these to a central database. The scans are then made available to provide an accurate picture of how and when the parcel completed its journey. There are advantages in GPS technology for both the customer and the business. Customers have the peace of mind of real time data on packages and retailers have less enquiries to process.

Affordability via globalisation

Technology has removed the former dependence on localised delivery options that made it difficult to find the right service at the right price. Globalisation of services thanks to technology such as the internet has considerably broadened out consumer choice and provided many more options, providing access to a much wider range of services. One of the key ways in which this has been felt is more competitive pricing of services across global locations. International delivery services are now accessible to anyone who needs them.

Efficiency via digital services

Digitising delivery services has brought improvements to affordability and also to service levels. It’s now much simpler for customers to find and book a courier online, for example. Technology platforms enable businesses to effectively and transparently manage deliveries in-house without the need to make significant capital investment or employ a team to handle the process. Thanks to technology it’s now much easier than ever before to find the right delivery services provider, offering the right options at the right price.

A more transparent and accountable approach

Technology has provided a way for delivery options to be made more transparent, thanks to the use of GPS tracking and email notifications about delivery progress. However, this is not the only information that is now provided up front to customers. Details of international customs, for example, can now be posted by delivery providers, enabling customers to be better informed about what might cause issues or delays and exactly what charges are involved.

More accurate and reliable delivery services

There is no doubt that the use of technology has enabled delivery providers to improve reliability and ensure that promises are met. It has also made the timing of deliveries a much simpler matter and enabled service providers to be more accurate when providing timing estimates. Thanks to route planning and connected data, service providers can ensure that customer expectations about timing are both managed and met.

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