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Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a key component of a business’ operations, and poor SCM can result in decreased business performance as your core team might not have the resources required to deliver their usual service or innovative and optimise processes. Efficient SCM however, can be a key ingredient in a business’ success, so it’s important that your business understands what should be included, as well as the best way to operate and manage their supply.

Identify your business objectives

The first stage to developing your SCM or assessing the key elements included within your SCM is to establish what your business objectives are. This is vital, as it ensures that your SCM panders specifically to your business requirements in order to help you achieve your goals. Without properly establishing what you are hoping to achieve, it’s easy to build a system that does not offer the return that you are hoping for, as it does not correlate with your business objectives.

Careful selection of partners and suppliers

By taking the time to guide your selection of partners, you are ensuring that your company is only working with suppliers, subcontractors, transportation providers and distributors that represent the service and morals of your company, resulting in an increased satisfaction throughout your SCM. This is also a good step to monitor and assess the communication between the different links in your supply chain to make sure your management is able to effectively monitor the different stages.

Monitoring and reporting

Once your SCM is operational, you might be tempted to consider your work done. This is not always the case however, as planning monitoring periods and reporting procedures, you can continue to optimise and improve elements of your supply chain to ensure your SCM allows for future growth and business endeavours, as well as delivering an uninterrupted quality service for customers.

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