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Supply Chain Manager

Without strong and efficient supply chain management most businesses struggle with the basics of manufacturing, productivity or delivery. It’s one of those elements of infrastructure that should be almost completely unnoticeable if it’s functioning well. If it’s not, however, this is often all too obvious. Investment in supply chain management can be onerous in-house – but working with a supply chain management partner offers the opportunity to add value cost effectively.

What value could a supply chain management partner add?

Existing relationships

You never have to start from the ground and work your way up when you opt for a supply chain management partner, as existing providers have very well established relationships and networks. This opens the door to a broad range of options, inbuilt flexibility, as well as a much more cost-effective outcome.

The benefit of experience

None of us is born with an innate ability to successfully manage a supply chain, everything must be learned. Handling supply chain management professionally has a number of different components, including ensuring that suppliers are kept happy and maintaining standards of quality, consistency and reliability. Working with a dedicated partner means that your supply chain management is in the hands of those who not only have many more years on the clock but who also understand how to deliver to the highest levels of professionalism.

Problem solving

If something goes wrong within the supply chain then this can trigger a time of great stress. Dealing with this internally often means it’s difficult to get any perspective and a lack of experience can result in problems that escalate quickly. A dedicated supply chain management partner not only has many years of dealing with just about every issue that could potentially arise in a supply chain but has the perspective – and degree of separation – to find the fastest and most effective solution.

Risk management

Those who make supply chain management their business are experts at managing the risks associated with it. From ensuring that there is always a back up supplier in place, to being prepared for seasonal problems and peaks, risk is reduced and operations run more smoothly when there is someone in control who understands how to mitigate the worst potential issues.

Scalability and flexibility

Business change is inevitable and, whether you need to scale up or down as a result, the ability to respond is crucial. Working with a supply change management partner means services are more flexible. Scale up for periods of growth and pare back when things are lean. It’s fundamental for any business to have an infrastructure in place that can be scaled quickly and which is responsive – when it comes to supply chain management this is often best achieved with an outsourced service.

Benefits of cost and time

Cost efficiency is probably one of the main reasons that an external supply chain management partner is such a popular solution for so many. A range of factors feed into this, from experience through to scalability. Combined, the result is supply chain management that costs less because it’s more streamlined and focused. A dedicated partner also takes the pressure off internal resources, freeing up time and staff to work on other things.

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