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Supply Chain Management

Awareness of the processes and procedures of your business and deliveries is essential to maintaining a smooth service for your customers. Supply chain management is not just about these practicalities; however, it is also about management of your suppliers and company relationships to ensure that you always have the information you need and complete transparency for every order that takes place.

Technology plays a part in supply chain management

Communication through technology has drastically improved supply chain management over recent years, and made the order to delivery process much smoother. Many stages throughout this process are done electronically, for examples customers can order online and transactions take place, payment can be taken electronically, and this can set a number of things into motion where automation has been setup.

For example, once an order is placed, it can then be automatically flagged up those dealing with the next stage, to be packaged and shipped, and labels can be automatically generated to ensure that parcels get to the right place as quickly as possible. At the same time, if your stock is tracked then this same automated technology can automatically place orders with your suppliers for more stock when you get down to a certain number of items. All of this plays a part in reducing delivery times for your customers and increasing the efficiency of your organisation.

SCM is important for keeping up with competitors

Different industries will have varying competition, but worldwide, competition and globalization of business is increasing overall. Now customers can order from companies across the globe, meaning that competition is increasing for most businesses who would otherwise have guaranteed sales from local customers due to location. Flexibility and clarity in your supply chain management are absolutely key to maintaining a competitive edge, allowing your business to keep delivery times as fast as possible, lowering delivery costs and, at the same time, maintaining great customer service.

Relationship management is better through strong SCM

Advancements in technology and globalization are not enough for companies to stay ahead of their competitors. Without strong supplier and distributor relationships, it is impossible to have the most effective supply chain management. Having SCM that details responsibilities, allows transparency and clear communication is what helps to create these strong and reliable relationships. This ultimately translates into better products and services, and a better brand experience for your customers, which is why supply chain management is important for businesses looking to keep ahead of their competitors.

UCS makes supply chain management

UCS offer our customers courier and logistics solutions that give businesses complete control over their supply chain, stock and assets. Give our team a call today on 08448 793229 to find out more.

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