Global Holiday list 28th June 202 ...


Operational Update:
Public Holiday:
29th June: Peru
1st July: Canada, Marshall Islands, Suriname, St. Maarten
2nd July: Curacao
4th July: American Samoa, Cayman Islands, Colombia, Commonwealth No. Mariana Islands, Guam,
Guatemala, Guyana (British), Puerto Rico, St. Vincent, United States Of America, Virgin Islands,
(British), Virgin Islands (US)
5th July: St. Vincent, Venezuela

Asia Pacific:

Public Holiday:
29th June: Tahiti
1st July: Bangladesh, Cook Islands, Hong Kong, Nauru (Republic Of)
4th July: Tonga


Operational Update:
Due to closure of Ukrainian airspace, our flight operations to and from Ukraine are suspended.
Therefore, we have temporarily suspended the acceptance of DHL shipments to and from Ukraine.
Domestic and Inbound services to Russia have been suspended, no shipments accepted until
further notice.
Full Services suspension.
Portugal: During this week, Lisbon will host the UN Ocean Conference 2022. Due to this event there
will be operational and pick up and delivery constraints for Lisbon Service Area.
Public Holiday:
28th June: Ukraine
29th June: Malta
3rd July: Belarus
5th July: Armenia, Czech Republic (The), Slovakia